We’re Not Even 30 Days Into 2019 And It Looks Like Democrats Are About To Have A Civil War


The 2018 midterms were a disaster for House Republicans. Democrats gained 40 seats, retook the majority, and, to our horror, Nancy Pelosi is speaker again. They were elected to stop Trump, to block him at every turn, and lead the effort for his impeachment and removal from office. Any Democrat who says otherwise is lying. The base demands Trump go at all costs. The younger, feistier Democrats say that openly. The older crew tries to downplay it, but ultimately that’s their goal. They’re banking heavily that the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the DOJ’s Russia probe, finds something impeachable. Don’t hold your breath on that; the Russia collusion allegation has been what’s kept Democrats hopeful since 2016.  Yet, while doing battle with the Trump White House is a top priority, the progressive Left also wants to clean house in the Democratic Party as well. The party elite is reportedly trying to rein in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), as they view her antics to be distracting, but they’re also not pleased that she’s willing to help boot fellow Democrats who are viewed as too moderate. Shots have been fired inside the ship (via Politico):
GQ added that the reason why the Democrats were so successful in House races in 2018 was due to candidates like Ocasio-Cortez:

And now, it seems progressive groups are already taking aim at those moderate Democrats. These are the same people that helped Ocasio-Cortez get elected (via The Hill)
So, in all, progressive groups already reloading to take out their own within the party, far left loons that could cause heartburns on the various committees in the House, and reports of rank-and-file Democrats already queasy with how this far left faction operates. This sounds like a toxic cocktail that could implode the House Democratic caucus—and I hope it does. The next two years could be dotted with the far left putting forth insane proposals, whilst the more experienced members are left to do damage control. It wastes time—the most precious resource in politics. And while a do-nothing House could work to Trump’s benefit in 2020, especially if he proposes initiatives that promote jobs and grow the economy that in turn get blocked, the president can capitalize on the internal drama. If things turn out poorly between the far left and more establishment wings, the president has plenty of fodder for the stump. Trump can go out there, saying he wanted to create jobs, but the House Democrats’ constant fighting, like something out of a bad daytime soap opera, prevented people from getting bigger paychecks and future employment. On top of that, they’re more about impeaching me than helping all of you. Sad!


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