ICYMI: Democrats Remain Frustrated That This Voter Bloc Hasn’t Abandoned Trump


So, with the government shut down over the border wall funding, we’re back to immigration, specifically one side trying to secure our border and curb illegal immigration while the other doesn’t care about either. President Trump promised a border wall during the 2016 election. He needs to deliver on that promise. Democrats, fresh of their 40-seat gain the House, aren’t willing to play ball. They retook the lower chamber, Nancy Pelosi, to our horror, is speaker again, and they want to fight Trump. Stop him on every initiative.

“Resist” has taken over part of the government. Trump is supposedly anti-immigrant, a racist, and pushing a white nationalist agenda. It’s all nonsense, but you’d think that it would put a dent in Trump’s numbers with Hispanic voters. Nope. Circling back to a poll released at the very end of December, the one-third of Latino voters who backed Republicans in 2018 are still sticking with the party and President Trump (via AP):
In the meantime, the Democratic Party is still focused on scoring political points than re-opening the government. The president is trying to get his border security agenda through. It’s not controversial. It’s not immoral. It’s the right thing to do. Build that wall.

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Brent Bozell and Tim Graham
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